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PPF vs. Vinyl

PPF vs. Vinyl

Adding an Extra Layer for Car Paint Protection

When you want to protect your car’s finish, there are several options you can consider. One of these is paint protection film (PPF), with another being vinyl wrap. Many people think these are the same thing, but they’re actually different products. They also have different application methods, and there are pros and cons to each.

While PPF and vinyl both have the goal of protecting your vehicle’s paint, it’s important to know the differences, so you can choose the one with the biggest benefits for your car.

How Does PPF Work?

PPF is also known as clear bra. It’s a urethane film that’s nearly invisible. Typically around 8 mil thick, it offers great protection from impacts such as rocks, scuffs, and scratches. Water marks and bird droppings are no longer issues when you have PPF on your car, and the paint won’t fade from UV light, either.

The main purpose of PPF is to protect the finish of your vehicle. While it might make your car appear a little shinier, it’s generally not going to change the look of it. The color will be the same, and the PPF isn’t that easy to see. Soap and water or a special installation gel are used to install PPF on a vehicle.

What Does Vinyl Offer?

In contrast to paint protection film, vinyl is thinner and a little more flexible. It offers good protection, but not quite as much as what PPF provides. Still, you can get good coverage for your paint if you choose a vinyl wrap.

Vinyl also comes in all kinds of colors, and is typically used to change the color of the vehicle, or just parts of it. It’s installed dry, and any water, oil, or other moisture on the surface can cause the installation to fail. Vinyl wrap is usually also a little less expensive than PPF, although PPF can only be done on the front of the car to protect from most paint chips and save money.

The Bottom Line for Paint Protection

Whether PPF or vinyl is right for your vehicle depends on your biggest goal. If you want the strongest protection, then choose PPF. For a little less protection but the option to change colors and save some money, vinyl is the right choice.

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