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Clear Bra Maintenance

Clear Bra Maintenance

To Keep Your Clear Bra Looking Great

If you want your paint protection film (clear bra) to last as long as possible, and continue to protect your vehicle, you need to maintain it properly. Taking good care of it is the best way to keep it looking great and extend its useful life. Here are the biggest dos and don’ts when it comes to clear bra maintenance.

To Keep Your Clear Bra Looking Great, Do:

  • Use a microfiber car wash mitt to reduce any chance of damage
  • Use only the recommended specialty soap to protect your clear bra
  • Soak any extra-soiled areas with soap before wiping clean with the mitt
  • Use Dawn liquid dish detergent on any really stubborn areas, but be careful to stay on the clear bra itself, so you don’t take any wax off of your paint
  • Try using a blue clay bar (not red clay or old clay) on any debris that still won’t come off the bra properly
  • Anytime you use Dawn or clay, you want to apply a coat of protectant afterward
  • Choose a microfiber towel to dry the clear bra, and then apply detail spray or spray wax.

To Extend the Life of Your Clear Bra, Don’t:

  • Use commercial car washes, even though it’s technically safe to do so, since they aren’t the best option for your vehicle and could shorten the life of your clear bra
  • Use tar removers or degreasers, as they can dull the finish on certain types of paint protection film
  • Use brushes, since these can dull the surface of the clear bra and also damage the paint on your vehicle over time
  • Leave bird droppings or dead bugs on your clear bra, as the acid in these can permanently stain the majority of paint protection films
  • Use terry cloth or paper products to wipe your clear bra, as these can cause damage to the bra even if you’re careful
  • Wipe dirt or debris from the clear bra while dry, because it can harm the finish due to friction

It’s easy to see that there are some great ways to take good care of your clear bra, and some important issues you want to avoid. When you follow the dos of caring for your paint protection film, and understand that the don’ts are vital to keeping it looking great for the long term, you can use and maintain your clear bra longer.