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Synthetic Sealant- Intro to New Technology

There are many ways to help protect the finish on your vehicle

There are many ways to help protect the finish on your vehicle, and paint sealant is one of the best. Now there are new developments in that area, with synthetic paint sealant options that can offer quick results that last for a long time. Among the biggest reasons that these sealants are popular is that they are very easy to apply.

Coupled with the fact that these sealants are built to last, it is easy to see why they are popular choices with people who want to keep their vehicles looking great for as long as possible. Here is what you need to know about synthetic paint sealants.

What is a Synthetic Sealant?

These paint sealants are manmade, and they are an alternative paint protection method to carnauba wax. The sealants generally try to mimic the shine that carnauba wax provides, while increasing the length of time they protect the paint, and the durability with which they do that. An untrained eye will not see the difference between synthetic sealant and wax.

In other words, you still get a great-looking shine that brings out the best in your vehicle’s finish, and you can expect the protection offered from the sealant to be just as good as, if not better than, carnauba wax. The added bonus to all of this is that the synthetic paint sealant will last for a longer period of time, so you do not need to have the car waxed as often.

How Long Do Synthetic Paint Sealants Last?

Synthetic sealants are expected to last for four to six months, and there are some that can last up to one year. The length of time the sealant will protect your car depends on factors like the weather and your driving conditions. But carnauba wax only lasts for six to eight weeks, so you can get a long longer benefit with synthetic options.

Paint sealants generally come in a liquid form instead of a wax or paste, so they go onto the vehicle much faster and take a lot less time. That is a great way to get what you are looking for quickly, and enjoy the protection offered for a long time.

To get the quality and value you are looking for when protecting your car, contact us at Houston Paint Protection today. We have synthetic paint sealants and many other options that can get your car looking like new again and help keep it that way for the long term.