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Tesla Model Y: Car Protection Package

The End Result is a Vehicle with Industry Leading Protection and a Superior Aesthetic

2023 Tesla Model Y came in for New Car Protection Package #2. This is our most popular new

car protection package and the most popular for our Tesla customers.

This package combines the superior protective properties of paint protection film with the

endless depth and gloss of the ceramic coatings. The full front end of the vehicle is covered with

Suntek Paint Protection Film. This is a high gloss, high clarity, and texture less film that is

carefully applied to the surface of the vehicle. It protects from rock chips, minor abrasions,

scratches, bug etchings, sun fading, UV damage, and more. This product carries a 12 year

comprehensive warranty and provides a high gloss aesthetic.

The remainder of the vehicle is prepped and machine polished to refine the surface, create a

high gloss finish, and prime the paint for the ceramic coating. The coating package is then

installed on the full exterior. This includes the paint, wheels, plastics, trim pieces, windshield,

and lights.

The end result is a vehicle with industry leading protection and a superior aesthetic. If you are

looking to protect your new vehicle, submit an inquiry or contact us to receive a