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What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film has been around for more than 15 years. In the last decade, improvements in this film have made it a much more viable option for people who want to keep their vehicle’s finish looking good. Essentially, PPF is a clear layer of a plastic-type material that is placed over your vehicle’s individual panels. The film’s goal is to protect from nicks, scuffs, scratches, and chips. Many of the films also provide UV protection, and repel a lot of minor damage.

The Pros and Cons of Paint Protection Film

If you want to keep your vehicle looking great, there are a few different options to consider. One of those is paint protection film, commonly called clear bra. But is this the right choice for your vehicle? Are there downsides to choosing this method of protection for your paint? Here’s what to consider.

Pros of Paint Protection Film

There are plenty of good reasons to choose paint protection film. While it’s not perfect (what is?), it is a great way to reduce any harm that might come to your vehicle’s paint. By protecting the look of your car’s finish, you can help keep its value as high as possible. The main pros of paint protection film include:

  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Value

With proper installation, paint protection film will last for a long time, and will stay strong in protecting your vehicle’s finish from the damage that occurs during driving.

Cons of Paint Protection Film

While most people who PPF are really happy with it, you want to be sure you understand the potential for any downsides to using this method of paint protection. The biggest cons of using paint protection film are:

  • Visibility, especially near some difficult seams and edges on light-colored vehicles.
  • Defects and damage can show up if the film itself becomes damaged.
  • Edges can lift or collect wax, polish, and debris, so proper maintenance is important.

Unless you’re using a pressure washer on your vehicle, getting wax into the seams, or you have a unique vehicle where curves are a problem, most of the cons aren’t really cons. They’re only things to be aware of, so you can get the best possible experience from PPF.

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